Toilets seem to stop working correctly at a inconvenient time. When your toilet flush isn’t working correctly, it can be an inconvenience for the whole family. 

One of the most frequent issues experienced by our clients is strange noises coming from their toilets.

Toilet flush noises can be categorised into three types:

Ghost Flushing

Ghost flushing happens in periodic cycles every few minutes or few hours. Don’t worry; you don’t have a ghost, but you do need a plumber. Ghost flushing is a sign that your toilet is leaking somewhere.

The Fill Valve Hiss

This noise can sound similar to forced air moving through the toilet. Unlike ghost flushing, the noise is constant. This kind of hissing noise is a sign that the fill valve is letting a small amount of water in after the flush has finished.

Water Resonance

This sound is a constant thumping. You will hear this noise when the toilet is flushed and the flush water is running.

Another problem that people experience with a toilet flush is too much water in the toilet bowl.

Toilet Flush Solutions

Replacing The Ballcock – Ballcock valves can have various problems that create issues with the toilet flush.

Repairing the Flush Valve – Repairing the flush valve will restore the standing water level in the toilet bowl and tank.

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