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The sound of water trickling into your toilet cistern is a sure sign of a faulty fill valve. The fill valve’s job is to ensure that the cistern refills with water after the toilet is flushed. 

Why Does Water Keep Flowing Into The Cistern?

When a fill valve isn’t working correctly, it will not be able to stop the flow of water into the tank. When your toilet keeps filling, the fill valve needs replacing. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Toilet Fill Valve?

Toilet fill valves are relatively inexpensive, but there are many types. It is advisable to replace like with like. If you are not sure what type or size you have, ask a professional plumber for assistance.

How Long Does a Fill Valve Last For?

On average, a fill valve will last for around seven years.

How To Replace A Fill Valve

Turn off the water supply and remove all water from the cistern. The old fill valve should release quickly by loosening the bolt beneath the tank. Swap out the old valve with the new, and tighten it in place. 

Cleaning The Tank

Before you change the fill valve, it might be advisable to clean the inside of the cistern tank. Cleaning the tank will remove any build-up that sometimes could cause valve problems. This is best done with an empty tank, so turn off the water and empty it first. Use a gentle detergent or white vinegar to clean off any residue and sponge out any debris from the bottom.

When you have finished, refill the tank and check the flush. If it is no longer filling for a prolonged time, then the valve will not need replacing. 

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