If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. One common toileting issue occurs where the push button toilet flush keeps running.

Toilet mechanisms haven’t modified much in the last 80 years. After flushing, water is still filled into a cistern. The float lifts and shuts off the water flow when it reaches a maximum height level. In some ways, homeowners face very similar problems today that their grandparents did years ago. 

The toilet filling and running issues are coming. In some cases, the toilet keeps running, and yet the toilet bowl doesn’t refill. Let’s look at the main reason why the push button keeps running even after flushing.

Problem With Flush Valve

A flush valve is a component inside the toilet cistern that allows water movement through into the bowl. It comes in varying sizes that range from two to four inches, depending on the toilet type. The flush valve releases a large amount of water into the bowl whenever we press the push button. The water drops with such force that it pushes the waste out of the bowl and down to the sewer system.

If the flush valve doesn’t close the toilet cistern as it should, the water will continue to fill into the cistern. The external flush handle is linked with a lever that lifts the flush valve when you flush. It can be made of either black rubber or plastic. After a long time of usage, the rubber or plastic can flake and become brittle. You might notice tiny flecks floating in the cistern water.

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