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If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. One of the most common problems we encounter with toilets is where the push button toilet keeps running.

The push button performs the primary role in the flushing mechanism. When we push it, the water moves from the cistern towards the bowl. Due to some internal problems or faulty push buttons, the toilet keeps constantly running, making your bathroom tour so terrible. Moreover, it deteriorates the flushing mechanism.

Before you move towards the solution, look at the possible cause behind choosing the best repair method.

Problem With The Toilet Float:

The malfunctioning push-button problem may be that the toilet’s water supply fills the cistern too quickly. It allows the close-off float to trigger a continuous and endlessly running toilet. Check the problem by removing the lid from the cistern, pushing down the flush button, and then check the water’s level as it drains and refills during the flush. The water level in the cistern is main. If the water flows back into the cistern, then the float triggering the shutoff valve may not be able to reach its designated shutoff point.

Moreover, If we set the float too low, a weak flush is produced. If we set it too low, water spills into the vertical tube and fills the valve and will not shut off. It’ll cause the constant running of the toilet push button.

All repairs by 24 Hour Plumber have a 12-month guarantee. This includes where the push button toilet keeps running. Call us or email now for a free quote.