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Hidden from sight in inconspicuous cisterns is a somewhat complex mechanism that keeps a toilet flushing and filling smoothly.  You could be fooled into thinking that the push button flush that we press is all there is to it. But, when a toilet stops filling up, it’s time to look inside the tank.

Push Button Toilets

Modern push-button toilets have a split button option for releasing different amounts of water. A full flush pushes solid waste, and the other, a half-flush, pushes away smaller waste. 

Push-button flush plates are available in various styles, colours, and finishes. They are reasonably quick and uncomplicated to install.

A common problem that homeowners face is the push-button toilets with cisterns not filling up as they should. 

Reasons Your Push Button Toilet Cistern Is Not Filling Up

Problem with float ball

In the toilet cistern, the float ball often causes flushing problems. If the float ball doesn’t work correctly, the toilet tank will not accept enough water. To correct this problem, a professional plumber will move the float arm into the correct position. 

Problem with fill valves

After adjusting the float ball, the problem could be with the fill valve if the toilet cistern doesn’t start working. This valve controls the water flow from the supply line to refill the tank, sliding higher or lower for accepting more or less water respectively.  

Bad trip assembly

Defective trip assembly can be another reason a toilet cistern doesn’t fill up properly. When this happens, the flush cycle shortens.

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