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Finding The Immersion Fault

Immersion heater repair is relatively straightforward for experienced plumbers. As there are a limited number of things that can go wrong, it makes it easier to troubleshoot.

When a plumber calls to your home they will start by checking each part of the immersion to find the fault. At 24 hour Plumber, we are skilled at getting to the bottom of the problem quickly so that we can repair it properly. We aim to always do the job once and do it right and to have you want to be a customer for life.

Immersion Heater Repair

To repair an immersion, your plumber will switch off both the electricity and water supplies. This is for safety. They will then drain the immersion tank. Once the tank is empty, the plumber can access the element inside which is the biggest culprit for immersion breakdowns. 

If the element has burnt out then it will need replacing. Our plumbers carry most makes and models of heating elements with them to get the job done faster. Other immersion issues that commonly need repairing include the thermostat, supply pipe valves, and the tank itself.

Most modern immersions have an anti corrosion anode that helps to prevent the tank from eroding.  When the anode stops working, you may notice that your hot water is discoloured coming from the tap or even a sulphur type smell.

We Repair Immersion Heaters

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At 24 Hour Plumber we offer a 24 hour emergency plumbing service. If you are in need of urgent repair of your immersion heater, contact us on 085 855 6111.