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The humble kitchen tap has received a striking makeover in recent years. Innovative design has evolved the simple kitchen sink tap into a multifunctional design feature for the home. 

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The kitchen sink tap is one of the most over-used, and under-appreciated parts of our homes. During an average day in a family home, the kitchen tap can be used up to a hundred times or more. It is no wonder that it eventually wears out and needs repairing

The 24 Hour Plumber team can help you choose and fit the best kitchen taps to suit your home and needs. 

Signs Your Kitchen Tap Needs Replacing or Repairing 

How long a kitchen tap lasts before it needs replacing or repairing depends on how much it is used and how well it is fitted. 

Signs that your kitchen tap needs looking at by a professional plumber include; 

What Tap To Choose For A Kitchen Sink

Pro plumber Tip: If you are choosing new taps as part of a total kitchen makeover, speak to a qualified and experienced plumber first as water pressure will affect which taps are suitable

Modern kitchen sink taps are so much more than the simple hot and cold taps of days gone by.  A rise in popularity of American design and culture created a surge in the number of Irish homeowners looking for mixer taps to be installed in their kitchens and bathrooms. 

Now, popularity is swinging toward the state of the art Boiling Water on Instant Hot Water taps. Some of these types are actually 4-in-1 taps which let you choose between regular hot or cold water and filtered cold or boiling water. 

There is more choice than ever when it comes to the design of classic hot and cold kitchen taps and mixer kitchen taps. There is something to fit the style and needs of every home kitchen. You can choose from classic options or choose a tap with a pre-rinse hose, for example, that aims to make cleaning a lot easier. Possibly, the most useful tap innovation for Ireland, where many areas have hard water, is the anti-limescale spout as featured on the Coome & Lewis Mono Mixer Kitchen Tap. 

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