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Most households replace taps to update the look of their bathroom or kitchen. With so many attractive and modern looking taps available in the home improvement department, changing the look of your kitchen or bathroom can become very tempting. In some cases, home repairs are unavoidable, such as when your tap is continuously leaking, dripping, noisy or has stopped working. 

Replacement Tap Parts Explained

Taps are usually made from brass as it is more resistant to corrosion than other materials. Cut-thread taps are threaded to size before hardening; ground-thread taps are finish-threaded after hardening. Whether you need to just repair or actually opted to install a new tap on your home, it is important to know the components of the plumbing fixture you will be dealing with. Here are the most common replacement tap parts.

Tap Washers

The function of a tap washer is to control the flow of water. It creates a watertight seal creating a barrier that will prevent water from flowing to the spout when the tap is in the OFF position. It exerts pressure on the flow valve which is located inside the tap. There are different types of tap washers on the market depending on what type of tap you have. They are made from different materials such as rubber, nylon, fibre, and ceramic. They also come in different sizes ranging from 40mm to 1 inch tap washers.


Flanges are welded or screwed behind or under your tap as a method to connect pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a plumbing system.


Aerators regulate the flow of water within the tap without affecting the pressure of the water. Water and air mix together resulting in less water being used making it more efficient and saving you water. The aerator works by separating the water into tiny streams creating an even flow of water into your kitchen or sink basin.

Handles, Lever, and Controls

These come in different, unique and sometimes custom look and functions to turn your tap on and off. Lever taps come in useful for anyone who may find it difficult turning traditional style taps on and off. They also come in a variety of types such as single lever taps, single lever mixer taps, twin lever mixer taps, and elbow lever taps. 

Tap Stems

Also called cartridges and are directly attached to the sink. The water runs out of the end of the faucet stem.


Generally made from either rubber and fibre, washers are a very important part of a tap. It forms a barrier at the screw threads which prevents the leakage of water. 

Stem Screws

Also called bib screws, stem screws attach the washers to the end of the tap stem.

Common Replacement Tap Parts

If you are repairing your tap or installing a new one altogether, knowing the common replacements tap parts is a huge help and will make your job a lot easier.

Tap Valves

There are several selections of tap valves and knowing which one suits your household would be better: for easier turn on and off, for hot and cold water, or for reducing hammer. Look for tap valves that are made to Irish standards from a good brand.

Tap Washer

Probaby the most common replacement tap part the tap washer you might need to purchase will vary on the size of the tap. Almost all kitchen sinks and basins have the same taps while bath taps have bigger taps.

Mixer Tap Cartridge

Replace the dripping mixer cartridge to fix a dripping mixer tap. There are several replacement options available which include:

O Ring

O Ring vary in sizes and are used for a variety of different applications such as:

Body Washer

There are several type of body washers but most are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor faucets. There are standard body washers which are used for older style tap spindles as well as body washers for latest style tap spindles that have a slimmer body.

Spout Fittings

Several spout adapters are intended to lessen water flow from your kitchen, bathroom, and utility taps. For those who live in apartments where there are no outdoor taps, spout fittings are also used to join snap-on garden hose and fittings to indoor laundry and kitchen spouts.

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