Whenever you experience a plumbing emergency, your first thought will be to get the problem identified and repaired immediately to prevent further damage. You may also ask yourself should you call an emergency plumber? 24 Hour Plumber is available as your  emergency plumber in Dublin on a night, weekend or bank holiday. It is important to know when to call as well as when to wait. At 24 Hour Plumber, our plumbers on call are always available to address your plumbing concerns.

Should You Call an Emergency Plumber?

There is a Considerable Risk of Flooding

Flooding due to a burst pipe, failed sump pump, water shut off valve failure, or sewer back up are all examples of plumbing emergencies that necessitate emergency plumbing services. Flood damage can cause huge damage to structures and is a major safety concern, so it should be addressed as soon as possible.  Contact Irish Water if there is a flood due to a public sewer. 

Sewer Back up

When there is a sewer line backup, there is a blockage of the normal flow of wastewater somewhere within the sewage line. They can occur due to a number of reasons for example flushing unsuitable products such as wet wipes down the toilet or damage that has occurred to your sewer externally. A sewage backup can hamper the ability to use the facilities or run water, which results in a major inconvenience. Signs that you may have a sewage backup include a foul smell from the drain, your washbasin is not draining quickly or your toilet is not flushing properly.

You Have No Water

Not having access to clean, running, water is a nightmare to have to deal with. Reasons such as frozen pipes or a blockage somewhere within the internal plumbing system can result in no water in some rooms within your house or no running water at all. Listen out for the sound of water running anywhere within your home especially in hidden places such as behind walls, or under the floorboards.

There is a Risk of a Burst Pipe

Frozen pipes lend themselves to a couple of the above concerns: no water and risk of flooding. If a water pipe is frozen, not only can water not be able to pass through it, but it also expands, causing it to crack, which means that once the frozen pipe thaws, it presents the potential for flooding. It is vital to know where your water shut off valves are situated and how they work. Ask your plumber during his or her maintenance visit to show you, if you don’t know it yet.

picture of a leaking cylinder repaired by Stronge Plumbing & Heating who will advise over whether you should call an emergency plumber? Dublin, Meath, Louth, Wicklow, Kildare

Less Urgent Plumbing Problems That Can Wait

If the plumbing problem can wait a day or two, then it won’t be classed as a plumbing emergency. Advice from your plumber will help you decide whether should you call an emergency plumber? Bear in mind, however, that just because your emergency plumber arrives after-hours, or on a weekend or holiday, doesn’t necessarily mean they will have access to the necessary parts to complete the job.

One of the benefits of waiting for a standard business day is that plumbers will have access to the local hardware store, where they can locate the specific parts and supplies required to do the job. Other than needing to order a specialty spare part, plumbers can also get the parts on the same day to do a repair job.

It’s always best to schedule ahead for:

If you are looking for an emergency plumber, a 24-hour plumber in Dublin, or for standard preventative maintenance services, 24 Hour Plumber can help. Call anytime, night or day, to find out whether you should call an emergency plumber and to decide the best course of action for your specific concern. Call us on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111.