Toilet Problems

Blocked Toilet Repaired by 24 Hour Plumber

Toilet Problems Toilets are simple appliances but can develop problems that prevent proper flushing. Here are some common issues plumbing professionals frequently encounter: Flush Valve/Mechanism Issues Over time, flush valves and other working parts inside the tank wear out. This causes incomplete flushes or tank refill issues. Replacing worn components fixes the problem. Tank/Bowl Leaks […]

Push button toilet flush problems

Push button Toilet repaired with new siamp fill valve and flush valve with the lid off the toilet installed by Stronge Plumbing & Heating

Push button toilet flush problems Push button toilets provide a convenient flush with just a push of a button on the cistern lid or wall. However, issues can arise that prevent the flush mechanism from working optimally. Common push button toilet problems involve the flush not activating properly when pressed. This is usually due to […]