There are a number of reasons why your tap needs removing. We find a lot of our customers would simply like an upgrade to their current aged taps whether that’s in the kitchen or bathroom. 24 hour Plumber are always available to remove your old tap and install your upgraded tap of any style or model of your choosing. The most common taps we install are monobloc, mixer taps, the classic pillar taps, or the more modern pull-out rinse taps. We install all brands including Bristen, Franke, Leva, Fohen, and Grohe to name a few.

An old set of tap needs removing and replaced with pillar taps by 24 Hour Plumber
An old set of taps that were removed and replaced by 24 Hour Plumber

Additionally, another reason your tap needs removing is due to wear and tear and has become difficult to use such as the head becoming loose, taps that have become stiff to turn off and on, or a tap that is leaking and needs immediate repair.

Get in touch with 24 Hour Plumber you if you are having any of the above difficulties with your kitchen or bathroom taps or if you would simply like an upgrade to your existing set. We serve all of Dublin city and county as well as the surrounding counties of Wicklow, Kildare, Meath and Louth.