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Kitchen Taps

We can install and replace any type of kitchen tap of your preference. This includes mixer taps, pull out kitchen taps, traditional pillar, deck mounted, or wall mounted taps. We can also install boiling water taps and filter taps.

Bathroom Taps

24 Hour Plumber are available to install any type of bathroom tap. Popular choices include bath shower mixer taps, mono mixer taps, deck mounted or surface mounted bath/shower mixer tap. We also install bathroom basin taps of all types in your bathroom.

Outdoor Taps

Having an outside water supply is very convenient for gardening or even to wash your car. Garden taps need to be harder wearing as they have to endure harsh outdoor weather conditions so are made mainly from brass. 24 Hour Plumber can safely install your garden tap from most locations in your home.

Boiling Water Tap

Boiling water taps are very convenient as they provide instant hot water using just the amount of water you need. They come in different varieties such as two in one taps (dispense boiling and cold water), three in one taps (dispense hot and cold water, in addition to boiling water), four in one taps (dispense cold filtered water as well as mains hot and cold, and boiling water).

Tap Repair and Replacement

Taps often leak, run, or drip due to corrosion and washer issues. We provide top-class tap repair, installation, and tap replacement services.

We can install any type of tap, including:

You can choose from any style, such as: