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Plumbing and leaking issues at home or anywhere is a real inconvenience for any household. Luckily, experts in the plumbing and heating industry, 24 Hour Plumber employ the best crew and use only quality items, like the new Tec7 Plumb Leak Sealer.

Tec7 Plumb Leak Sealer efficiently and quickly seals heating system leaks. This can be used on open or closed heating systems. Tec7 Plumb can also be used as a preventative, which prevents rust and corrosion in your system. It also serves as an inhibitor which helps prolong the lifespan of your pipes and also lubricates them. Tec7 Plumb Leak Sealer, unlike other similar products, will not clog your system. A 750ml is sufficient for around 75 litres of water with 8-12 standard radiators. 

Tec7 Plumb seals the leaks in your pumps, radiators, convectors, and heating pipes. It also can be used in underfloor heating systems.

Some of the benefits of using the Tec7 Plumb Leak Sealer are as follows:

Why Choose Tec7 Plumb Leak Sealer?

Tec7 Plumb Leak Sealer has become the number 1 choice for the trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike as it always gets the job done the first time, even under water!

Customers know from experience that Tec7 Plumb Leak Sealer is strong, flexible, and can stick to almost any building material which includes most plastics. Each cartridge will give you better value compared to most of its MS Polymer competitors on the market.

Since it’s super easy to use and apply, even a homeowner can use it to fix leaks in their radiator. It can also be used in an open heating system. This new product offers a permanent fix to all your heating system leaks.

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24 Hour Plumber are plumbing icons with extensive years of experience in all areas of plumbing and heating. We work to the highest level of professional standards and deliver excellent customer care and fulfilment. We will identify your issue and fix them in no time and guarantee that the issue will not persist in the future.

With 24 Hour Plumber, you’re choosing a service with an excellent reputation that is highly regarded and recommended. 24 Hour Plumber is fully insured and accredited. We also make sure that we use only quality items fitting for your needs.

As we continue to grow our business and provide you with quality service to different markets, we appreciate your referrals and word of mouth. 

At 24 Hour Plumber we will give you an honest and direct answer to your plumbing problem. Get a no-obligation quote for your plumbing, heating, and gas boiler repairs in Dublin on (01) 531 220 or 085 855 6111 now!