Toilet problems are one of the most common causes for plumber call-outs in Ireland. Below, we look at the most common toilet faults homeowners face. 

A clogged or blocked toilet

This is one of the most common toilet problems homeowners experience. The reason can be an older model toilet, too much toilet paper being used (yes, that’s a real thing), or even the clogging of a sewer line. Homes with small children and pets may even find that someone has dropped a toy or ball into the toilet. 

Toilet leaks

Toilet leaks can be subtle or obvious. Sometimes a toilet bowl can constantly leak without getting noticed. When water escapes, it follows whichever path is easiest, often dripping under lino or wood flooring.

Toilet cistern problems

A cistern that’s experiencing an issue will be slow filling or may constantly fill. Most often, there is a problem with the fill valve. The culprit could also be debris that obstructs the valve. It’s essential to spot the exact problem before repairing a plumbing issue in a cistern.

A faulty toilet flush button

Toilet flush buttons often get stuck through wear and tear over the years. This can be a problem with the button itself or the mechanism in the tank. 

Loose and broken toilet seats

Toilet seats can come loose and, in some cases, crack. When replacing a broken seat, it’s essential to choose the right shape and size. Not all toilet seats are the same. 

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