If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. One of the many toilet repairs includes the toilet bowl not filling up after a flush.

When you flush, the wastewater in the toilet bowl moves down into the sewer system. You should never look into your toilet bowl and find it totally dry. Not only will it obviously not work without water but there is a risk of sewer gasses sneaking through. In a functioning toilet, the water acts as a buffer between these gasses and your home. Without water in the bowl, you might notice awful smells entering your house.

Let’s look at two common possibilities for a toilet bowl not filling up after flush.

Cracks in the bottom of the toilet bowl

Cracks in the toilet bowl may be the reason for water disappearing and the bowl not filling. It is hard to see the cracks and leaks at times as they can be minute but still problematic. 

A clogged vent or pipe

A toilet vent lets air into the toilet plumbing system of a home. If it’s blocked, it will create problems with the flush. Clogged pipes can also create issues that prevent a toilet bowl not filling up after a flush. Blockages can prevent water from flowing freely around the household plumbing system. This can mean that no water enters the cistern and therefore, there’s no water to refill the toilet bowl.

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