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A toilet should only ever have water in two places – the toilet bowl and the toilet tank (cistern).

The toilet bowl links the system to the drain to deposit waste water. The water stored in the toilet bowl plays a vital role in protecting homes from waste water health hazards, acting as a barrier against toxic gases and bad smells. When a toilet bowl stops filling with water, it can disturb the whole process.

Reasons Your Toilet Bowl Not Filling With Water After Flush

Low Float Ball

After flushing, water feeds into the toilet bowl. A typical reason behind a toilet bowl not filling up properly is the float ball. Sometimes, the float ball position changes and becomes too low, leading to a problem with filling the bowl.

Wrong Position Of Float Valve

The float valve can be found, in most cases, on the left side of the cistern tank. It controls the amount of water that will travel to the bowl when a toilet is flushed. If a valve is fitted incorrectly or damaged, it will be unable to control the water movement sufficiently, leading to the toilet bowl not filling after flushing. 

Low Water Pressure

Low water can also be a culprit for a toilet bowl failing to fill with water. This can be down to low-quality piping in the home or a blockage in the system.

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