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A low water level in your toilet bowl is an indication that it is not filling correctly. The water level in a toilet bowl needs to be a certain level to wash away waste adequately. The correct level for toilet bowl water is approximately halfway, or just under halfway, up the bowl. The water level in the cistern should be up to a visible fill line.

Three Reasons Your Toilet Bowl Not Filling

  1. Local water shortages can create problems that lead to toilet bowls not filling. Always start your plumbing investigation by checking if there are shortages in your area. 
  2. Low water in a toilet bowl can also be caused by issues with the valve in the cistern. Blockages, erosion, and residues can wreak havoc on the many working parts of a toilet. If you think there is a problem with the valve, call a professional to take a look.
  3. The fill level might be wrong in the cistern. The level of water in your toilet bowl is dictated by the water level in the cistern. When the water level is being met, you will need to have it adjusted.

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