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They may not look important but toilet cisterns perform an important role in the workings of the flushing mechanism of your toilet. Without it, there would be no flush as the water stored in this porcelain tank is the main element of the process.

Homeowners often notice water strange leaks or running water going into the toilet bowl coming from the cistern. This type of problem is nearly always the symptom of a more pressing issue and should be treated with some urgency. 

The fill valve brings water into the cistern after the toilet is flushed and keeps on working until the tank refills. Any time water exits the cistern, the fill valve maintains the water level.

A common sign of a defunct fill valve is water running into the toilet bowl randomly. This suggests that the valve is no longer able to control the water flow and needs repairing or replacing. If any of the fittings have become corroded or damaged, they will need replacing. 

The valve is connected to the toilet cistern through a compression fitting at the bottom of the cistern too. Sometimes, there could be a puddle if this part is leaking too. There should be a rubber seal holding the water in the cistern and stopping it from draining out. If the fitting loosens or the seal gets damaged or old, leaks can occur.

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