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If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. A common toilet repair issue involves toilet cistern leaking onto the floor.

Have you spotted any of these in your bathroom:

All of the above are signs that your toilet could be leaking which may be coming from the cistern. It is vital that a leaking toilet is rectified immediately to avoid damage to floorboards or rooms below the bathroom. A small leak can be a sign of a much bigger issue and should be treated with caution.

Water Leaking From The Cistern

The cistern itself could be the source of the issue. There’s an easy DIY hack to check this yourself. Remove the toilet cistern tank lid and add some non-staining colouring. Watch the water on the floor to see if it changes colour. Cisterns can leak onto the floor for several reasons including cracks in the cistern and leaks from the connections between the toilet bowl and cistern


Sometimes, the most common cause of excess water in your bathroom is water condensing on the toilet cistern tank. This water drips onto the floor. In the plumbing trade, this is sometimes referred to as a tank “sweating.” 

Cistern condensation is simply caused by the temperature difference between the water and the air outside. The water inside the tank is usually very cold and the bathroom is often hot and steamy. This leads to condensation. Most often, the condensation will evaporate. However, some may fall into small pools on the floor around the toilet.

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