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Whether you rent or own your home, at some point, we all face the reality of issues with a toilet. As the most used part of the house, it stands to reason a toilet will need repair and maintenance at some point.

Common toilet issues you might experience include irregular flushing, toilet cistern not filling up, a cistern not filling, and many more. When a toilet cistern starts to malfunction, it can result in the toilet overfilling or not filling at all. 

Reasons Why Your Toilet Cistern Not Filling Up

The fill valve may need replacing

When your cistern isn’t filling, the fill valve could be the problem. The fill valve is responsible for maintaining water from the supply line to refill the tank. If repairing or replacing the toilet cistern doesn’t fix the issue, the fill valve  may need replacing

The float ball could be in the wrong position.

Not all toilets have them, but if your toilet does, then the float ball in the toilet cistern could be causing the problem. The float ball shifts up and down on the float arm to keep the cistern water at the optimal level. When the float ball is too low, the water won’t fill to the required level, if at all. If it gets stuck too high, then the tank may not stop filling.

Presence of heavy object

It has been known that some people like to place a small block into the cistern for conserving water. Though the sentiment is good, the obstruction could prevent the toilet from filling properly. It can also damage the tank. Remove the object and see if that fixes the issue.

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