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A well-maintained toilet is a happy toilet that works as expected. When we flush, water moves from the cistern into the bowl. Then the cistern stores water for the next flush and the process repeats time and time again. If the cistern doesn’t fill as it should then that’s a sign that there is a fault in the cistern. Additionally, there may be a fault in another component that’s also affecting the water level in the cistern.

A leading cause of toilet cisterns not filling water running is a leaking flush valve seal. The flush valve seal plays a crucial role in the flushing mechanism. The flush valve closes over the drain hole, called a flush valve seat. This stops the water from moving from the cistern until the process is completed. After flushing, the plug opens and allows the cistern to drain into the bowl.

Over time, the efficiency of the flush valve decreases due to sludge or dirt built up around the seal. With time, it’s common for flush parts to become deteriorate and leak. It can also be due to cistern-block cleaners used for freshening the tank—these cause silicone, rubber, and plastic valves to expire sooner than they should. Sometimes resulting in water running through the cistern but the cistern never filling. 

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