The toilet cistern (aka toilet tank) is essential for a functioning, flushing, toilet. Most toilets are well built and could last up to 50 years along with occasional maintenance.

Some of the most common cistern problems our clients experience include flush problems, water fill problems and occasionally even cracks. Below we look at some common and some more unusual toilet cistern problems.

A Sweating Toilet Cistern

This one often has homeowners confused and wondering if their cistern is leaking or indeed sweating. What’s in fact happening is that condensation from the warm air in the bathroom is forming on the cistern. This happens because the water in the tank keeps the cistern cold.

Running Toilet Cisterns

Water leaking from the cistern into the toilet bowl drives homeowners round the bend with its constant noise and is one of the main toilet cistern problems. The unrelenting sound of dripping water and running water literally keeps people awake at night. 

Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks in porcelain cisterns can be caused by accidents and sometimes old age. If a tank is knocked whilst a homeowner is decorating. Or even if it is installed incorrectly, tiny cracks can appear. With time, these tiny cracks become bigger and leak.

Toilet Cistern Not Filling

A cistern needs to be full for it to work. Without water, there is no flush. If a toilet cistern isn’t filling, you could be looking at a blockage in the wider system, a malfunctioning valve or even a water supply problem.

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