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The problem of a toilet cistern not filling can come on quickly or maybe that is how your toilet has always behaved. Either way, it is the symptom of a problem that needs correcting. Without enough water in the cistern, a toilet will not flush correctly and may stop flushing completely.

There are a number of reasons that a toilet cistern may not be filling or maybe filling slowly.

Water Pressure

If your toilet cistern not filling quickly for some time then water pressure could be the culprit. This is often the case in Ireland where home water pressure is commonly low. Some toilets can be fitted with a low-pressure restrictor within the existing valve which will rectify the problem. In an old toilet, here is a possibility that the valve will need replacing entirely.

Blocked Filter or Valve

The average household toilet water supply can contain tiny particles of sediment, which in time cause blockages. Some, more modern cisterns, are fitted with valves that contain a filter for taking this debris out of the incoming water. If your cistern is not filling, the filter may be clogged. The filter is inside the valve and can be taken out to clean with tap water.

You might also notice an orangey-brown sludge on the walls and bottom of your cistern. This is known as Iron Bacteria and can easily be cleaned off using white vinegar. Turn off the water and empty your cistern first. Iron Bacteria can cause deposit build-ups in cistern tanks which in turn cause blockages.

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