When we talk about common toilet faults, toilet cisterns should be top of the list. Faulty issues such as toilet cistern water keeps running, stop flushing, stop filling, or makes weird noises and keep running. Let’s look at this last one to get some idea why your toilet cistern keeps running.

Toilets are designed to minimise the risk of water getting out. When there’s a problem in the cistern, sometimes there is excess water that has to go somewhere else. The obvious place for it to go is into the bowl. When this happens, it is usually a drip or trickle of water, so not enough to overflow the toilet bowl.

Water running from the cistern to the toilet bowl is a typical symptom of a fill valve issue. A working fill valve will maintain a consistent cistern water level between flushes until it encounters a problem. 

Even though protected in the cistern tank, the fill valve can become damaged by the build-up of tiny particles. These particles and residues travel through the water and stick to any surface they meet. Quite often, this is the fill valve and other components of the toilet flush mechanism. Over time, the build-up affects the function of moving parts and blocks pipes.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent the build-up of limescale, particles and other residues in the tank. However, buildups that affect parts like the fill valve or that are blocking pipes can sometimes be removed. Alternatively, the affected part can be replaced. 

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