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For assistance with any toilet flush problems in your home, contact 24 hour plumber for a local plumber on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111.

Toilet flush problems are an inconvenience that can typically be solved by a plumber quickly and relatively easily. When a toilet doesn’t flush, it is an indication that something is at fault in the system that needs repair or replacement.

Toilet flush problems include:

All of these are common everyday problems that every homeowner experiences at least once. Like all household appliances and apparatus, a toilet can become tired and worn out with use and over time. However, with a bit of TLC and professional servicing, your toilet flush can be back to normal in a flash.

Reasons for toilet flush problems vary. A problem with the flush could be caused by debris clogging up a valve or pipe. It could also point to a more significant blockage in the system. With the latter, you might notice indications elsewhere – for example, a slow draining sink or slow water from a tap.

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