If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. Toilet flushing issues are one of the most frequent issues we come across.

Having a properly working toilet at home is our basic need. Unfortunately, when it comes to home plumbing systems toilet flushing issues are the most commonly occurring problems. 

But don’t worry because they are not too challenging to deal with – with a little professional know-how. We believe in doing the job right the first time and that’s why we are experts at diagnosing the real issue at hand.

Three common toilet flushing issues that people face are:

Toilet Flushing issues – Clogs and blockages

Sometimes, a blockage occurs in the toilet or sewer and causes irregular flushing or sometimes stops the flush from working. The probable cause is too much toilet paper or wipes being flushed.  When there is a blockage, the toilet might back up when flushed. It can also prevent the flush from working if water can’t get through the system.

Water level too low

If the water in the cistern is one inch below the top of the tanks vertical tube then it is too low.  Your toilet cistern must be filled to approximately 1cm below. Most cisterns have a water level line to check this against. If there is a low water level then the toilet won’t have the momentum it needs to flush.

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