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If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. One of the main toilet repair problems include where toilet keeps filling up when flushed.

Running toilets are an irritating inconvenience and water waster.  

Check The Flush Valve

The flush valve is tasked with allowing water to rush through from the cistern tank and into the bowl. Over time, like most things, the flush valve can wear away and stop functioning as it should. 

Check The Water Level

In the cistern, there is a vertical tube with no cap or lid on called the overflow tube. This tube exists to stop your cistern from ever overfilling to a level where it will flood. On the rare occasion that a cistern fills with too much water, the excess will seep into the overflow tube (not your floor)!.

Check The Chain Length

Another reason that the toilet keeps filling up when flushed is to do with the chan. If the chain is too long it can get caught during the flush process. This will stop it from pulling up the valve as it should and will create a space where water can escape. This will only happen if your toilet or flush mechanism has not been installed properly. Make sure to only use a reliable and experienced professional plumber.

Check For Leaks

Another reason your toilet keeps filling up when flushed is a leak. When water is escaping from the cistern the internal water level will never reach its mark. When this happens the toilet system will keep trying to fill the tank to the right level.  

A Toilet Leak Can Happen:

If you are experiencing any kind of plumbing problems in your home including where the toilet keeps filling up when flushed, call 24 Hour Plumber on 01 531 2220 to book one of our local plumbers near you. 

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