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A constantly running toilet may be a common problem, but it’s one that should never be ignored. Hundreds of gallons of water are wasted every day from houses with toilets not working correctly. The noise of a toilet that keeps running can also be unbearable for some people. 

Before repairing a toilet that keeps running, it’s essential to identify the cause.

Reasons why a Toilet Keeps Running After Flushing

Problem With The Flush Valve

Most often, the reason behind a toilet running is to do with the flush valve (flapper). If the flush valve or valve seal is faulty, water will continue to flow into the toilet bowl. Without a working flush valve, there is nothing to stop water from running continuously. The solution is usually to replace the flapper after unhooking it.

Problem With Chain Length

A shorter chain length can cause the toilet system not to seal in water properly. A longer chain size can get caught inside the cistern though this is rare. 

Problem With Toilet Tank Float Ball And Float Arm

If the float ball is rubbing against the inside of the cistern tank, this can also cause an unusual water flow. A rubbing float ball is due to a problem with the float arm. The float ball may need to be moved away, or the float arm may need adjusting.

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