Are you thinking about upgrading your toilets or maybe your toilet is getting old and worn and has been having a few problems such as constant leaks or a crack to the toilet has occured. Schedule an appointment with 24 Hour Plumber and we will professionally fit any type of toilet in your bathroom whether upstairs or downstairs. Toilets come in different forms such as close-coupled toilets, back to wall toilets, concealed toilets, short projection toilets, high level, low level, or wall-hung toilets. Our experienced plumbers at 24 Hour Plumber have installed all types and models of toilet so what type you choose is no problem to us.

When your toilet needs installing you might be considering a change to your bathroom. Some common questions we encounter include wondering whether you can install a toilet to an inside wall rather than a wall connected to the outside. This can be done as long as there is enough space under the floor to install the waste pipes. It is generally possible to install a toilet anywhere within your home.

You might also want to consider installing a different type of toilet such as a Saniflo toilet. The advantage of installing a Saniflo toilet includes not needing a drainage pipe, it is more hygenic and can be installed in more difficult confined spaces such as attics and basements. There is also never a need to worry about flooding as Saniflo toilets are self contained and external to the toilet bowl.

A toilet needs installing done by 24 Hour Plumber