There are many reasons why your toilet needs replacing. After many year in place your toilet can start to become old and worn with damage to the toilet that may have occured such as a cracked bowl or cistern that will result in a continuous leak of water within your bathroom. It is possible that if your toilet needs replacing, that if you are a DIYer you could replace the toilet yourself. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination make sure to contact 24 Hour Plumber and we will schedule you in at our next available appointment.

There are many types of toilets to consider that may be more convenient or suitable for your home and your family’s needs when you replace your old toilet. When choosing a toilet keep in mind the style and size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is smaller in size there is a range of space saving toilets to choose from such as corner and wall hung styles.

If your toilet needs replacing you might also want to consider who is using the toilet most frequently. Comfort height toilets are great for those who are elderly or who may have difficulties reaching the standard height toilets. Other features are worth looking at when your toilet needs replacing. A rimless toilet for example is more hygienic and much easier to clean along with a better flush.

Toilet Needs Replacing