If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. One common toilet problem that occurs is where the toilet not filling up.

Whilst toilets may not seem to have changed significantly in the last 80 years there have been updates. Modern tools have been introduced to improve efficiency but essentially the mechanism remains the same. Below are some reasons why your toilet not filling up.

How A Toilet Fills Up

After you flush a toilet, water fills into the cistern from the home water supply and lifts the float. The float stops the water flow when it reaches the maximum level and prevents the cistern from overfilling. 

Why Your Toilet Not Filling Up

A toilet cistern not filling and a toilet bowl not filling are regular occurrences for household toilets in Ireland. Below, we look at some of the reasons this happens.

Supply Valve Problems

Supply stop valves are designed to maintain water flow in a flushing mechanism. They are usually positioned under a sink or behind the toilet so water can be shut off easily. A must when any plumbing maintenance or repair is taking place.

A malfunctioning supply valve can occur because of low water pressure. Low water pressure is sometimes created by a small leak that is had to spot. When the water pressure drops in your home it prevents proper filling in the cistern. If you notice sudden or unusually low water pressure call us for a certified plumber who will get to the bottom of the issue for you.

The other reason can be the damage to the supply valve. It’s possible for a valve to become damaged during renovations or to deteriorate due to low quality or old age. If this is the case, it is best to replace your supply valve. 

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