If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. A common toilet breakdown involves your toilet not flushing.

A toilet not flushing is possibly one of the most irritating of all the toilet problems homeowners face.  It can be caused by a number of factors usually all to do with the cistern tank.

When your toilet is not flushing correctly, check the flush valve fixed at the tank bottom. It allows water to move from the cistern into the toilet bowl. Pull the flush valve up and observe whether the water flows from the cistern. If it does, then it means it’s the cause of your toilet is not flushing. 

Also, check the float to see that it rises high enough to close the fill valve or not. If it is not, then the cause could be a faulty float rod. The float leaks itself, or something disturbs the functioning of the float. It can also be due to a clog present somewhere in the flushing mechanism or a valve. 

Ensure that the valve responsible for feeding the cistern is open and check the float ball to check if there is leakage. The cause behind it can be a broken or stuck float rod. In this case, remove the obstructions or replace the float or float rod if required.

Check the flush valve to ensure that the flush valve and valve arm link works as it should. 

Don’t forget that a lift chain should be slightly slack. If it’s tight, the toilet will not flush properly. Moreover, if it’s too slack, the toilet will not perform properly.

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