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A properly working flush button should be easy to use and move smoothly when pushed in. On occasion, a toilet push button not working will need repairing or replacing.

Common Problems With Toilet Push-buttons

Typical push button problems include:

Reasons A Toilet Push Button Is Not Working

When a toilet push button not working, the problem isn’t always with the button itself. There may be a problem with another component of the toilet, which is preventing the flush button from working. So, before you rush to replace the button, try to identify the cause of the problem. If you’re not sure, ask a plumber known for swift and accurate diagnosis of plumbing problems – like us at 24 hour plumber!

A frequent cause of a toilet push button not working is a problem with the syphon. The toilet siphon pushes the water up and down a siphon tube using a diaphragm-like device. The syphon sucks water in through the cistern using water weight. If the siphon is not closed properly, then the valve will not close properly. In turn, this can make it seem like the toilet button has stopped working.

A faulty toilet push button can be repaired or replaced easily. Contact 24 hour plumber to prevent future problems. 

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