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There are a number of reasons that our plumbers are called out for toilet repairs several times each week. Common problems we find that homeowners in Dublin experience with their bathrooms include the toilet no longer flushing, a leak from underneath the toilet cistern or strange banging noises when the toilet is flushed. 

Most of these toilet faults come from general wear and tear and can be quickly fixed by a professional plumber. 

An overflowing toilet bowl or large leak will need servicing as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. In this scenario, call an emergency plumber as soon as possible. 

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Watch out for symptoms of plumbing problems. These can include water splashing out of the toilet bowl during a flush or the flush being too short or too long.

At 24 Hour Plumber we carry out repairs for these common toilet issues on a daily basis for homes around Dublin city and county: 

Fill Valve Repair and Replacement

Also known as a ball-cock and recognisable as the big orange or red ball in the toilet cistern, the job of the fill valve is to control the refilling of the cistern tank after flushing. Stopping it at just the right point so it doesn’t overflow. 

Your toilet might need the fill valve repairing or replacing if you are experiencing a constant running of water into the toilet bowl. Usually, this is discovered because of the constant noise of running water. A toilet in good condition should make no noise between flushes. 

Another symptom of a faulty fill valve is that the toilet will no longer flush. Alternatively, a toilet might no longer have a strong enough flush to clear the bowl. 

Toilet Syphon Repair and Replacement

A toilet siphon is a plastic vessel inside the cistern that sucks up more water when the flush is used and the tank empties. A faulty toilet siphon could be another cause of a toilet that won’t flush or a cistern tank that no longer fills up fully.  

Flush valve repair and replacement

An important middle-man of sorts, the flush valve is responsible for channelling the water out of the cistern and into the toilet bowl for flushing. There might be a problem with the flush valve if your toilet doesn’t flush properly. 

Toilet Seat Replacement

It might surprise you to learn just how often our plumbers replace toilet seats for our customers. “We are often met by embarrassed homeowners when we arrive to fix a toilet seat but we always reassure them that it is a common problem,” says Trevor Stronge, owner of 24 Hour Plumber

Toilet seats mainly break or become loose because of one of two reasons. The first is wear and tear and the second is that the seat was the wrong size or shape in the first place. 

When a 24 Hour Plumber arrives at your home, they will remove any parts of the old seat. Then check the model and make of the toilet to assess what size seat is needed. Fitting the new toilet seat takes no time at all. 

Repairing Leaking Toilets 

A leaking toilet often goes unnoticed for some time. The two most common leaks are from behind or at the base. The leak behind is hard to spot because it is hidden beneath the cistern. In many modern homes, the cistern is hidden away behind a false wall and a leak like this is only spotted when it starts to create damage or mould on walls and floors or even the ceiling of the room below. It is often caused by a worn seal or badly fitted toilet. Both can cause water to quietly drip. 

A leaking toilet base, also caused by a worn seal, is a sign of general wear and tear. Watch out for water pooling around the base of the toilet. Depending on the severity, our plumbers will repair this by either tightening the base or replacing the wax seal. 

Whatever problem you are experiencing with your home toilet, 24 Hour Plumber can help with repairs and replacements. All of our plumbers are fully trained and insured. We are dedicated to providing great customer service and pride ourselves on being Dublin’s best plumbers. 

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