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At times, the valves and mechanics of a toilet can require some TLC to help them work properly.  When a toilet tank is not filling but water is running, it’s often the float ball that is to blame.

A float ball is fixed at the top of the water in the cistern tank. If the float ball isn’t where it should be or is somehow damaged, it can stop the tank from filling. The job of the float ball is to stop more water from coming into the tank when the water reaches its maximum height. Water forces the float upwards until its float arm triggers a valve to stop the inflow.

If there’s less than required water in your toilet tank, the float ball may be too low. The repair for this is quite straightforward. It requires slightly moving the float arm by bending it upwards. After doing this, the ball will be up and allow enough water to get in. Sometimes though, the best idea is to replace it with a new one.

If the water level in the tank is higher than normal, the float ball will be pushed higher than it should. In that case, water flows into the vertical tube, and the fill valve won’t shut off. For optimum flush performance, ensure that the water in the tank is level with the fill line. 

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