A fault with the tank (cistern) is one reason when a toilet no longer flushes correctly.  When a toilet tank not filling up, it won’t have the right amount of water for an adequate flush. 

Why Toilet Tank Stops Filling Up

It could be the fill valve – The fill valve is responsible for controlling the water level in the toilet tank (also called a cistern). The fill valve will not work correctly if:

To deal with this problem, ask your 24 hour plumber to check your fill valve as this may be one source of the problem.

It could be the flush valve – A flush valve is designed to release a large amount of water to flush the toilet bowl. If the flush valve is faulty, a small amount of water will be lost and leak from the tank feed into the bowl. Due to this, your toilet will have to repeat the process of filling, draining, and refilling. That’s why it seems that the cistern isn’t filling.

It could be related to water supply – The obvious water supply check to do first is to check your locality. Are your neighbours having problems too? If they are, this suggests that the plumbing problem is related to an issue outside of your home. You might also want to check if the water supply valve is turned on properly.

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