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If you need your toilet repaired contact 24 Hour Plumber on (01) 531 2220. One common toileting problem occurs where the toilet tank not filling with water.

A healthy working toilet refills automatically with water whenever it is flushed. The cisterns inner workings are set to ensure that a constant water level is maintained to prevent flooding and power the flush.

If your toilet tank not filling with water after the toilet is flushed, it is important to determine the issue as quickly as possible. A delay could mean that water is leaking somewhere in your home unseen.

Below we take a look at the main cause behind a toilet tank not filling with water.

Problem With Toilet Float Or Cup

The toilets either have a flush cup or float ball. If you have an old toilet model, then you will have a float ball also called a ball cock. If you have a modern toilet, then you will have most likely have a flush cup.

A toilet float and cup are linked to a fill valve and regulate the opening and closing of the valve. These parts are designed to maintain the water level in the tank. Once the water rises to a certain level, the process slows the valve and shuts down the water supply. When the float or cup are set too low, the water level in the tank remains too low. If you are attempting to fix this yourself then keep in mind that you have to ensure a certain height. Otherwise, there will be excess water lt into the tank that will move towards the toilet bowl and cause a running toilet.

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