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The toilet tank, also known as a cistern, contains all the trappings needed for flushing and refilling toilets. When a toilet tank is not filling up with water, it means your toilet will no longer flush. A big problem if you have a busy home or office.

A toilet tank not filling can be caused by a drop in water pressure. Some areas have low water pressure as standard but experience no issues. A sudden drop in water pressure in your bathroom and home can indicate that there are blocked pipes somewhere in your system. A blockage can be tricky to find and is best remedied by a professional plumber. They will be able to flush out the whole system relatively quickly.

Fill Valve Issues

Fill Valve Issues

A toilet tank that isn’t filling might also be because of the fill valve. As the name suggests, this valve regulates the refilling of the tank and toilet. If it becomes clogged or faulty, problems will arise. As well as the toilet tank not filling, symptoms of a problematic fill valve include:

As unlikely as it might seem in a tank that only contains clean water, debris can build up in the cistern tank. This debris is a combination of sediments carried in the water, limescale and mineral deposits. It’s a good idea to carefully clean the inside of your toilet cistern at least once a year. 

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