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There are a number of reasons that our plumbers are called out for toilet repairs several times each week. Common problems we find that homeowners in Dublin experience with their bathrooms include the toilet no longer flushing, a leak from underneath the toilet cistern or strange banging noises when the toilet is flushed. 

Most of these toilet faults come from general wear and tear and can be quickly fixed by a professional plumber.

Common Toilet Problems Include:

  • constantly running toilet
  • poor flush due to cistern not filling
  • frequent clogging
  • broken toilet seat
  • leaking pipes

We can fix any Type of toilet including:

  • dual-flush toilets
  • standard closed-couplet toilets
  • wall mounted toilets
  • closed-back toilets
  • comfort height toilets
  • upflush toilets (saniflo or macerator toilet systems)