What to Do When You Have a Burst Pipe

A burst pipe can occur when the pressure in a water pipe gets too high for it to contain, and it breaks. Existing weak points in the pipe or wear and tear over time can cause flaws that can result in the water pipe bursting. A pipe bursting can cause flood and water damage to […]

Flush Valve Toilet Repair

Push button Toilet repaired with new siamp fill valve and flush valve with the lid off the toilet installed by Stronge Plumbing & Heating

Toilet Repair Dublin. Do you find that your toilet is slow to fill, your toilet hard to flush, or maybe you have a leaking toilet? Stronge Plumbing & Heating are able to fix any problem with your toilet. Call us at our main office on (01) 531 2220 or 085 855 6111 from anywhere within […]