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Oil Boilers in Ireland

oil boiler replacement dublin

Oil Boilers in Ireland – Types, Prices and Professionals Firebird Oil Boilers Prices Ireland Firebird produces reliable non-condensing oil boilers for homes. Costs vary by size from €2,000-€4,000 installed. Benefits are efficiency and lifespan of 15+ years normally. Downsides can be higher emissions and servicing needs and costs versus newer condensing models. Oil Boilers Ireland […]

Toilet Problems

Blocked Toilet Repaired by 24 Hour Plumber

Toilet Problems Toilets are simple appliances but can develop problems that prevent proper flushing. Here are some common issues plumbing professionals frequently encounter: Flush Valve/Mechanism Issues Over time, flush valves and other working parts inside the tank wear out. This causes incomplete flushes or tank refill issues. Replacing worn components fixes the problem. Tank/Bowl Leaks […]

Push button toilet flush problems

Push button Toilet repaired with new siamp fill valve and flush valve with the lid off the toilet installed by Stronge Plumbing & Heating

Push button toilet flush problems Push button toilets provide a convenient flush with just a push of a button on the cistern lid or wall. However, issues can arise that prevent the flush mechanism from working optimally. Common push button toilet problems involve the flush not activating properly when pressed. This is usually due to […]

Mixer tap problems

picture of a bath mixer tap being repaired by Stronge Plumbing & Heating where they provide a Bath Tap & Bath Shower Mixer Taps - Repair and Replacement service

mixer tap problems Mixer taps are a common plumbing fixture found in kitchens and bathrooms that control the flow of both hot and cold water through a single handle. Over time regular use and mineral buildup can lead to various problems developing with mixer taps. Some potential issues include faulty cartridges, restrictions in water flow, […]

Hot Water Tank Replacement in Ireland: Cost, Options, and Considerations

hot water tanks and cylinders

As an expert plumber specializing in heating systems in Ireland, I understand the importance of a reliable and efficient hot water system in any household. When it comes to hot water tanks, there are various factors to consider, including the need for replacement, cost considerations, available options, and other related components. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the topic of hot water tank replacement, addressing common queries and providing valuable insights for homeowners in Ireland.

Attic water storage tanks – Everything you need to know

attic cold water tanks

In this article, we will explore the concept of attic water storage tanks, the prices for replacement, Irish suppliers, frequently asked questions and our expert answers, loft water tank importance in maximizing space and convenience in residential properties in Ireland and the health and damage risks of overlooking maintenance or replacement of your loft water […]

Macerator Toilet Problems

Macerator toilets have become more common in recent times. One reason is that they have the flexibility in almost any space while not having to extend and install more sewage pipes which means extra cost. The most common macerator toilets in Ireland are provided by Saniflo. However, they do have some disadvantages and the main […]