Tap needs Installing

Tap set recently installed by 24 Hour Plumber where we are always on hand if your tap needs installing

Look no further than 24 Hour Plumber if you are having a plumbing problem where a tap needs installing. Alternatively, you may be looking to install a new set of modern easy to use taps to replace the old one that have lasted you for years. It’s a good idea to do some research first […]

Tap needs Replacing

An example of a set of taps that 24 Hour Plumber keeps in their vans when a tap needs replacing

If your tap needs replacing you need to look no further than 24 Hour Plumber. Our fully certified plumbers have years of experience with all issues in relation to domestic taps particularly replacing taps within your home. When upgrading your bathroom, an essential part is the replacement of your existing taps. We are happy to […]

General Tap Issue

Newly installed set of taps by 24 Hour Plumber following a general tap issue

If you are having a general tap issue with your kitchen, bathroom, utility, or garden tap contact the team at 24 Hour Plumber. We will repair any issue with your taps such as a leaking tap, a dripping tap, a loose tap, a stiff tap or even if you have decided you like an upgrade […]

Tap Needs Removing

An old set of tap needs removing and replaced with pillar taps by 24 Hour Plumber

There are a number of reasons why your tap needs removing. We find a lot of our customers would simply like an upgrade to their current aged taps whether that’s in the kitchen or bathroom. 24 hour Plumber are always available to remove your old tap and install your upgraded tap of any style or […]

Dripping Tap

Repair of a dripping tap carried out by 24 Hour Plumber service Dublin city and county

Repair of a dripping tap carried out by 24 Hour Plumber service Dublin city and county

Outside Tap is Dripping

Outside tap is dripping which has been repaired by 24 Hour Plumber

Do you have a garden or outside tap that seems to be constantly running no matter how secure you close it off. If your outside tap is dripping, your best solution is to contact 24 Hour Plumber. We serve all of Dublin city and county as well as the surrounding counties of Wicklow, Kildare, Meath, […]

Taps are Loose

These taps are loose and have been repaired by 24 Hour Plumber

After many years of use, all taps whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or utility will start to wear and eventually become loose. If your taps are loose don’t hesitate to call 24 Hour Plumber where we serve all of Dublin city and county in addition to the surrounding counties of Louth, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow. […]

Toilet making a Noise

Investigating inside the toilet cistern by 24 Hour Plumber

If you hear strange or unusual noises coming from your toilet it’s something that should not be ignored. A toilet making a noise such as a gurgling type noise particularly after you flush could indicate a partial blockage within the waste pipes. If water is continuously running after you have flushed, this could be a […]

Toilet Seat is Broken

Repaired where toilet seat is broken - 24 Hour Plumber

For comfort and convenience a broken toilet seat should be repaired in for the safety and comfort of everyone in the home. When a toilet seat is broken there can be a number of reasons at fault. Usually over time the hinges or bolts can become loose and need to be tightened or replaced. The […]

Toilet cistern is noisy

Repairing a noisy toilet cistern by 24 Hour Plumber

A noisy toilet can be exceptionally annoying especially during the night or if you just want some peace and quiet. There are a number of noises that can come from your toilet cistern that can indicate certain problems with your toilet cistern. A loud vibrating noise could mean that the flapper is not functioning properly. […]