Toilet Cistern is Leaking

Toilet cistern is leaking and repaired by 24 Hour Plumber

If your toilet cistern is leaking, this is a plumbing problem that needs prompt action. Apart from wasting a lot of water you could potentially cause a lot of damage to your home. To stop the flow of water turn off the isolating valves which will close off the water supply to your toilet only. […]

Toilet Handle Broken

Contact 24 Hour Plumber if your toilet handle has broke and needs to be replaced. As they get so much use, at some point they will break and need replacing. When contacting us its a good idea to give some information to the type of toilet handle you have and what type of new lever […]

Toilet is Filling Continuously

The help of a professional plumber is required if your toilet is filling continuously. Basically, a constantly running toilet occurs when water in the cistern is either coming in or exiting the cistern when it shouldn’t. The parts involved in this malfunction include the ball valve and/or the flush valve. When the ball valve is […]

Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilet Repaired by 24 Hour Plumber

One of the major inconveniences in life – a blocked toilet! If you thinks it’s a minor blockage grab your rubber gloves and a plunger. If you are not having any success or if you are experiencing recurring problems with your blocked toilet schedule an appointment or call us directly at 24 Hour Plumber where […]

Toilet Needs Replacing

There are many reasons why your toilet needs replacing. After many year in place your toilet can start to become old and worn with damage to the toilet that may have occured such as a cracked bowl or cistern that will result in a continuous leak of water within your bathroom. It is possible that […]

Toilet Needs Installing

Are you thinking about upgrading your toilets or maybe your toilet is getting old and worn and has been having a few problems such as constant leaks or a crack to the toilet has occured. Schedule an appointment with 24 Hour Plumber and we will professionally fit any type of toilet in your bathroom whether […]

Toilet is leaking

When your toilet is leaking, it is one of the most inconvenient and unpleasant plumbing problems you can experience in your home. There can be more than a few reasons for a toilet leak. Probably the most common source of the leak is from the cistern. The cistern of the toilet is the upper part […]

Central Heating Radiator Faults

Central Heating Radiator Faults

During the winter months we all like to make sure our central heating is working at its best. One of the main problems we encounter are problems with radiators. There can be many reasons why your radiators may not be functioning at their full capacity. Problems such as air pockets which lead to cold spots, […]

Shower Parts

Shower parts - 24 Hour Plumber for all your shower needs

Replacement Shower Parts- 24 Hour Plumber in Dublin. Although your shower may still be working some parts can easily become broken or worn over time. Common parts that need replacement include shower handles, shower head, bath screens, shower hose, or the riser rail clamp.