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Is your toilet running? Does it seem noisier than usual? It’s probably the sound of water filling the cistern that you can hear. The average toilet runs around 20 to 30 seconds after every flush. But if your toilet flush runs whether you flushed or not, then there must be a fault in the flush mechanism. 

Possible Reasons Water Keeps Running In Toilet

1. A Bad Flush Valve

Your flush valve is a rubber seal controlling the water movement from the cistern to the bowl. There is an arm or chain linked to the valve from the toilet handle. When we press the handle, the chain (or arm) lifts it and allows water to move towards the toilet bowl.

Over time, the flush valve can become brittle, crack and deteriorate. When this happens, it’s no longer able to seal the water in as it should. As a result, water leaks from the toilet cistern and runs into the bowl.

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