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The toilet is probably the one appliance in our homes that we take for granted the most. It doesn’t require too much maintenance except cleaning and just sits quietly until it’s needed. 

Toilets are built to last and to do so with little maintenance. However, even with regular cleaning, toilets can have various problems. Common issues include water running into the bowl, being slow to refill the cistern, constant filling, and water leaking. 

Running water into the bowl is a standard plumbing problem homeowners face. A bad flush valve is one of the most frequent reasons for water running into the bowl.

When a toilet keeps on running after being flushed or runs itself, plumbers call this a phantom toilet flush. A phantom toilet flush is down to slow leakage from the cistern to the bowl, usually caused by the flush valve.  The flush valve is a small rubber plug fixed over the opening at the bottom of the toilet cistern. It’s responsible for sealing the toilet to avoid water leaking and regulating the water flow. 

The most common reason for a malfunctioning flush valve is that it needs cleaning. This is often the first step a plumber will take when called to fix a toilet with water running into the bowl. Before cleaning, the plumber will need to drain the cistern and bowl completely. If the problem isn’t fixed by cleaning, it’s probably time to replace the flush valve.

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