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A burst pipe can occur when the pressure in a water pipe gets too high for it to contain, and it breaks. Existing weak points in the pipe or wear and tear over time can cause flaws that can result in the water pipe bursting. A pipe bursting can cause flood and water damage to your house, leaving you with a hefty repair bill. This leave us asking what to do when you have a burst pipe.

To minimize the damage caused by a burst pipe, it’s best to be prepared if this kind of plumbing emergency occurs in your home. Below, you will find five easy steps to take for you to handle a burst pipe emergency while waiting for your emergency burst pipe repairs plumber to arrive.

Step One: Turn Off Electricity

Everyone knows that water and electricity should not mix. Trying to mop up a wet floor while electrical devices are plugged is a recipe for a potentially fatal electrical shock. Thus, before you do anything else, turn off the electricity from its source as a safety measure.

Step Two: Time to Get a Bucket

Find a container to catch any water leaking from the damaged pipe. Based on the severity of the burst, you may need a fairly large container to hold the water or at least two receptacles to empty one at a time. Once you have the containers in place, proceed immediately to the next step.

Step Three: Turn Off Water at the Main Valve

Water will keep flowing from the burst pipe until it has been cut off from its source. By switching off the mains water, the flow of water will no longer enter your home. This in turn will will stop any water flowing towards the leak and mitigate the damage.

The main water valve is usually located under your kitchen sink but could also be located under floorboards near your front door or in your utility or downstairs bathroom. All members of your household should know the valve’s location so they’ll be able to stop the flow of water even when you are not around.

Step Four: Call Your Plumber 

Now with the water supply turned off and water damage greatly minimized, it’s time to call an emergency plumbing service, like Stronge Plumbing & Heating, to repair the burst pipe. It is likewise recommended to request a plumbing leak detection specialist at the same time to find any other possible leaks so that it can be addressed immediately. This will lessen the likelihood of burst pipes and other plumbing problems in the future.

Step Five: Drain Remaining Water from Pipes

Even with the water supply has been turned off, there will still be water sitting in the pipes. While waiting for your plumber to get there, drain the water from your pipes by turning on the cold-water taps. To drain hot water, you’ll need to turn off your hot water service first, then turn on hot water taps. This way, all pipes are clear of water and ready when your plumber begins work.

If you have a burst water pipe, it is crucial to determine the exact cause to prevent the problem from recurring. An experienced, fully qualified Stronge Plumbing & Heating plumber can inspect your plumbing system, determine your home’s water pressure, and make the necessary adjustments.